Returning to Work

Preparing yourself and your child for your return to work

In the weeks leading up to returning to work get your child used to being with others for gradually longer periods of time. This could be your parents, a baby sitter or a friend. Take them to play groups or to visit friends so they get used to the company of other children.

Both these things will help your child to adjust more easily when the time comes, and also make you feel more confident about leaving them in the care of others.

Settling Sessions

Children are invited for a settling session prior to starting nursery. This may be one single session or may be a few sessions. Sometimes the children are fine and settle well, but parents can be nervous of leaving them and so have another session. It depends on the individual child. If you are intending to return to work then its mindful to have these sessions before work commences, just in case you or your child need more time.

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