Observations Planning and Recording

The main strategy of assessing the children is to observe them whilst they are carrying out activities through their play.

All of our children are planned for as individuals and their interests form the basis of our planning. Detailed class observations are taken by the child’s key person, or other team member and these are then fed back into the assessment record. Here we are able to monitor your child’s progress and identify any gaps in their learning. Records of achievement are kept for each child to monitor their development.

These consist of actual photographic evidence of what the children have achieved during their time at nursery and are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage. These are shared on a regular basis with the parents where they are also asked to evidence works/ observations completed at home. Our record of achievement books allow parents to see the stage of their child’s development and where we will be taking them next.

“Staff quickly identify and review Children’s interests, strengths and individual needs. They adapt activities and resources to meet these changing needs and provide high quality teaching for every child. As a result, all children make good or exceptional progress from their starting point.”